InterNACHI approved continuing education provider opening two more locations in Canada.

Ontario, Canada
August 8, 2005

PRESS RELEASE: Certified Adult Training Services (CATS) is opening two more locations in Ontario.

Approved by the National Association of Certified Home InspectorsDue to the overwhelming response by consumers, CATS is now taking Fall registrations for the Advanced Home Inspection Course in the Peterborough and Brantford areas. We are making education more accessible to consumers by opening in their home towns and cities.

There is an ever-growing need for quality home inspectors in Canada. More and more Realtors, Banks, Insurance and Mortgage Companies are insisting on having homes inspected. The Canadian Government would like to see this industry regulated and as of late are pursuing the issue. Consequently there is a need for an influx of accredited and certified inspectors who belong to a professional association.

Therefore, InterNACHI’s exams and courses, as have been have been adopted by the Ministry of Education, now are being used as part of the training offered by all of the facilities of Certified Adult Training Services.  In order for students to receive their Certificate they must pass all of the InterNACHI exams, courses and each procured exam in order to pass the Advanced Home Inspection Course offered by CATS.

The Advanced Home Inspection Course offered by CATS is an in-depth course with emphasis on “Hands-on-Training” in excess of 200 hours.
This course covers everything from century old, to modern homes.  Both city and rural inspections are covered.  This course is taught by professional, accredited Home Inspectors, who are InterNACHI Certified and are members in good standing.  Peterborough opening late this September, with Brantford opening in late October.  All students must be a Member of InterNACHI and achieve an overall passing grade of 75% in order to qualify for their final Certificate.  CATS provides the first year InterNACHI Membership for qualified students.

Next course starts this September. Contact us at: 1-866-697-0117 or at: