Cert-A-Roof seeking InterNACHI members.

Cert-A-Roof ®  - The next step in the evolution of the home inspection industry.  Driven by the high number of claims for leaking roofs against home inspectors and to meet the increased demand from buyers, lenders and insurance companies interested in protecting their investment, a proprietary roof inspection and certification system has been developed by Cert-A-Roof International to ensure the ultimate condition of the roof for the real estate industry resulting in fewer losses and faster transactions.
Cert-A-Roof's patent pending inspection process, along with its trademarked LeakFREE® Roof Certification and proven franchise model, has taken the lead to meet this growing need and to provide peace-of-mind for the millions of real estate transactions occurring each year. Using Cert-A-Roof's specialized roofing services is an effective risk management tool that far surpasses industry standards by augmenting the home inspection process to reduce roof related liability for all parties involved. 
Cert-A-Roof has already gained the endorsement of a major E&O insurance provider who stated "I certainly recommend the Cert-A-Roof system to all our insured's and the inclusion of a referral (in their inspection reports) to have the roof further evaluated by Cert-A-Roof and purchase of a LeakFREE Certification prior to close of escrow." 
The E&O insurance provider also went on to say "to help foster an adoption of the system by the industry, I will be more than happy to encourage training providers and others to assist in promoting the concept.  It will only benefit all of us - the consumer, inspector, other real estate professionals and insurance companies providing E&O insurance - to embrace the system."
With momentum building as the patent is close to being issued, Cert-A-Roof  is rolling out its international expansion through Strategic Partners, Regional Developers, Franchisees and Affiliates. InterNACHI members interested in participating in any of these exciting opportunities will receive special consideration.   For more information, visit www.certaroof.com  or send an email to:   info@certaroof.com.