Certified Home Inspectors in Hawaii

Inspectors are listed in no particular order. If you are looking to hire a home inspector, you can find a home inspector near the property you need to have inspected.

Member Location Phone
Edward Bean
Renovations Oahu
Kaneohe (808) 375-8406
Stratton Wright
Paradise Home Inspections
Mililani (808) 258-4737
Garin Gardner
procision home inspections
Hilo (808) 989-4374
Jered Fukushima
Hilo (808) 430-8000
jed munden Waialua (808) 232-3760
Terry Ruddell, P.E.
Utmost Solution, DBA
Kailua (808) 206-3559
Steve Fierros
SGF Properties Llc
Pearl City (808) 489-0789
Ivan Hurlburt
Grey Owl Property Inspections LLC
Honolulu (808) 797-7722
Florentino Alabanza
Square One Home Inspections LLC
Wahiawa (808) 597-4462
Karl Stump
Top Notch Home Inspections
Waikoloa (808) 796-1077
Kaimi Kawai
Aloha Home Inspections, LLC
Waianae (808) 636-9032
Rockwell Fukino
Home Check Hawaii
Waianae (808) 723-5321
Justyn Dybul
Paradise Home Inspections Kauai
Kapaa (808) 855-5340
Andrew C. Skelton
Sound Building Inspections LLC
Honolulu (808) 585-1147
Robert Melton, CMI
Diamond Head Home Inspections
Honolulu (808) 551-9574
Matthew Roman
Kauai Home Inspection Services
Kapaa (808) 664-3318
Ben Evans
Premier Inspections Hawaii
Waimanalo (808) 259-1354
Michael Lagana, CMI
Kauai Home Inspection Services
Kapaa (808) 639-8664
Gary Hawley
Home Detectives, LLC
Honolulu (808) 282-7893
Robert McCarthy
Safety Wise Hawaii
Honolulu (808) 286-9280
James Hamachek
HiHome Inspection
Honolulu (808) 222-2781
Mike Deese
Honolulu Home Inspection
Honolulu (808) 389-0576
Thomas Burgess, CMI
Pacific Inspection Group
Keaau (808) 985-8554
David Emley, CMI
East Oahu Home Inspections
Honolulu (808) 779-3192
Robert Zeller
Bob Zeller, Home Inspections, LLC
Ocean View (808) 333-0889