Certified Home Inspectors in Nevada

Inspectors are listed in no particular order. If you are looking to hire a home inspector, you can find a home inspector near the property you need to have inspected.

Member Location Phone
Kurt von Strasser
Kastle Inspection Group
Henderson (805) 844-9242
Robert Parmenter
Home Inspection Associates, LLC
Fernley (775) 247-8799
Barron Matejka Las Vegas (702) 204-4099
Danielle Cadoret, 0002759-Res
Rugged Inspections, LLC
Las Vegas (775) 815-2405
Garrett B. Baughn
Las Vegas Inspection Services, LLC
North Las Vegas (702) 738-4041
Nathanael Armendariz
The Elite Group
Las Vegas (909) 278-1463
Robert Haug
Gold Crest Home Inspection , a division of gold crest enterprises , inc.
Gardnerville (775) 781-8411
C. Rick Watkins, IOS.0002706-RES
Red Rock Home Inspections LLC
North Las Vegas (702) 902-9749
Kathleen Bray, IOS. 0002768-RES
Northern Nevada Home Inspections
Reno (775) 203-1054
Scott Grevious
Hawkeye Home Inspections
Reno (855) 477-0100
Jesse Fink
American Dream Home Inspections LLC
Las Vegas (702) 788-4663
Craig Saint Vincent, IOS.0002477-RES
702 Certified Inspections LLC.
Henderson (702) 324-1388
Craig Dunkle Las Vegas (702) 807-3695
Michael Carrison, IOS.0002568-RES
Solid Inspection Services LLC
Las Vegas (702) 217-5325
Ian Massy, MPA, Nevada IOS.0002569-RES
Henderson (702) 723-8735
Jeff Snow, IOS.OOO2575-RES
JS Inspections LLC
Dayton (775) 881-8779
Daniel Fuhrman
The Inspection Pros
Sparks (775) 560-6222
Tim Harsh, IOS-0002269-RES
Akamai Structural Inspector, LLC
Las Vegas (808) 870-3552
Tom Harenberg Las Vegas (702) 985-1267
David M. Westrich, I0S.0002331-RES
Mystical Preservation LLC
North Las Vegas (909) 297-0346
Damon Fischer
Copious Interests INC
Washoe Valley (530) 545-9581
Darryl Chinn, IOS.0002486-GEN
Home Story Home Inspection
Henderson (702) 997-3415
Jack Johnson, IOS.0002473-RES
Spectrum Inspection Group
Las Vegas (702) 269-6716
Greg Plapp, IOS.0002448-RES
Accomplished Home Inspections LLC
Henderson (702) 610-4502
Gary L. Lewey Las Vegas (725) 400-1395
David Geller, IOS.0002438-RES
Henderson (702) 589-7450
Carlos Villarreal
Associated Inspectors
Las Vegas (702) 255-5504
Jorge Munoz, IOS.0002024-RES
Elite Inspections LLC
Sun Valley (775) 622-0808
John E. Koen, IOS.0002300
Las Vegas (702) 978-0170
Matthew C. Pillsbury
High Desert Inspections
Sparks (775) 690-3752
Jeremy P. Hutchings Henderson (702) 966-5191
Timothy Ganey
Desert Home Inspections, Inc.
Las Vegas (702) 726-0729
Gregory W. Bell
Buyers Choice Home Inspections
Las Vegas (702) 767-6315
Christopher Robinson Las Vegas (702) 686-6673
Michael Ostler, IOS.0002104-RES
On The Level Home Inspections LLC
Elko (775) 397-0410
Marc Bebout, Master inspector
Armstrong Inspection Services
Sparks (775) 355-0880
Dean McGlasson
Vesta Inspections, LLC
Henderson (702) 460-5942
Blu Jandreau
Battle Born Inspections
Reno (775) 830-1056
Charles E. Mc Court
Chuck's Superior Home Inspection
Las Vegas (702) 210-9860
Paul Busch, IOS. 0000232
The Home Examiner
Henderson (702) 461-3678
Mark Teepen
Home Shield Inspections
Boulder City (702) 232-5799
James Heck, IOS-0001756-RES
Silver State Building Inspections LLC dba HouseMaster
Carson City (775) 392-0381
Harold Higdon
Insight Property Inspections, LLC
Las Vegas (702) 376-0433
Ty Kirkpatrick
TEK Inspections LLC
Reno (775) 746-4990
Jorge Dorta, IOS.0001992-RES
ABC Home Inspection llc
Las Vegas (702) 429-7242
Charles Bulfer, CMI
Vegas Inspect LLC
Las Vegas (702) 201-1237
Christopher G. Rolland
Rolland Inspections, Inc.
Las Vegas (702) 556-3930
Larry Perna, IOS. 0002349-MAST
Bridge Home Inspections
Las Vegas (702) 722-2222
Jason Dodson
Dodson Inspections LLC
Las Vegas (702) 882-7189
Douglas Liebig, IOS .0000413-RES
LV Home Inspections
Henderson (702) 806-5280
Rene Gron
CSI Certified Structural Inspections LLC
Las Vegas (702) 217-9974
Richard Cummins, IOS-0000064-Master
Associated Inspectors
Las Vegas (702) 255-5504
Douglas L. West, IOS.0001864-RES
A Closer Look
Pahrump (775) 513-2996
John C. Peterson
The Nevada Inspections Group, LLC
Las Vegas (702) 341-6403
Scott Wells, IOS.0001727
Widespread Property Inspections
Pahrump (775) 513-6104
Frank Benzinger, NV IOS.0000243-RES
House to Home Inspection, LLC
Las Vegas (702) 498-3669
Cavin Fung, IOS.0001661
F10 Inspection Services
Las Vegas (702) 374-7377
Robert Ernst
Certified Structure Inspector
Sparks (775) 342-4767
Russ Owens
Owens Inspection Services
Logandale (702) 449-1275
William P. Lee
Henderson (702) 589-7450
Robert G. Shell
Las Casitas Inc
Winnemucca (775) 304-2079
Lewis E. Werkheiser
1st Defense Home Inspections, LLC
Henderson (702) 277-7223
Leslie Smith, IOS.0000866-RE
Clark County Property Inspection, Inc.
Las Vegas (702) 443-3987
Steven Montesano
A & S Property Inspector Inc.
Las Vegas (702) 900-3341
Gordy Zorn
Advanced Home Inspections, LLC
Las Vegas (702) 987-5319
Jody Satallante, State Certified #001172
Licata Enterprises LLC Property Inspection Services
Las Vegas (702) 581-1800
Ken Vandervort, IOS.0001836-RES
Clear Choice Home Inspection Services
Wellington (775) 901-6725
Brenda G. Hungerford, 000699
All Phase Inspection Services
Mound House (775) 720-9943
Kevin R. Weintz, IOS-900
Weintz Inspection Services
Reno (775) 853-2430
Jonathan Cartwright, IOS.962-MAS
Grush Inspections, LLC and Infrared,Inc.
Reno (775) 323-1117
William Mitchell, IOS-00725-RES
Home Pride Inspections-Las Vegas Home Inspections
Las Vegas (702) 379-1343
Dan Ryan, #0635
Homerica Inspection Services
Las Vegas (702) 339-5676