FREE Chapter Websites Available for Every InterNACHI Member

In keeping with our efforts to give individual members more control in their local markets, InterNACHI is pleased to announce that it is offering FREE Chapter websites for any member.  Any InterNACHI member can form his/her own local Chapter, and you'll get one FREE Chapter website that includes free hosting, forever.
Here's what you should know:
  • Your first step is to email InterNACHI Director of Communications Lisa Endza at with your name, location, and new Chapter name.  Once she creates your new Chapter for you, you will be able to modify and update your own Chapter site.

  • Pick from any of the dozens of site styles available.  Change styles anytime you want without disrupting the content you've added.

  • Upload up to 10MB of images to display.

  • Take online registration and payments for events and classes with our event tracking system. (Payments are automatically set to Canadian dollars for chapters in Canadian provinces.)

  • Add as many custom pages as you'd like.

  • Create pages with our easy-to-use interface -- no need to know any code.
Check out our existing InterNACHI Chapter sites.
A Chapter site is easy to create in three easy steps -- all you need is your InterNACHI member username and password.  Your new site comes with a simple content manager so you can update it as you like, anytime you like. 
The content editor works like a simple word processor and allows you to type in what you want each page to say.  There are several built-in editing features. Edit each page as you like, then hit the big green PUBLISH button at the bottom of each page. Hitting the PUBLISH button is an important step because it saves your edits and uploads the pages to the Internet.  You can also change the style of your chapter site by clicking the big green arrows at the top left and right. There are 12 to 30 choices for each state.
If you built your Chapter site and have forgotten its URL (web address), simply go to, type in your InterNACHI member username and password, and the Chapter site's web address will appear. 
The Members/Officers page allows you to add members, officers, and site managers to your Chapter.
Finally, the Find a Certified InterNACHI Inspector link on every page of every Chapter site points to  Members can edit their contact information on this site -- and every other InterNACHI-owned site at one time -- from their member profile editor at  Members who don't have their own websites can get one free from InterNACHI at  Members can add the ancillary services offered at from the portal.

Need help?

Email Lisa Endza at