CleanZone Systems offering to speak at InterNACHI Chapter meetings.

For Immediate Release

Contact: CleanZone Systems
560 Ogden Avenue
Suite E
Lisle , IL 60532
Bob Wegbreit
610-453-6339 direct
CleanZone Systems® of Lisle, IL and InterNACHI announced a cooperative effort to educate home inspectors and homeowners about an alternative new technology for purifying and sanitizing homes of mold, bacteria, odor and pests.
CleanZone treatments utilize a patent pending process of highly activating oxygen to reach record levels. This technology allows CleanZone Systems’ technicians to rid homes of toxic black mold, household viruses, bedbugs, dust mites and odors such as sewer backup, smoke, cooking and pets without using any chemicals. Typical treatments take 15-20 hours and cost 1/10th the expense that traditional remediation companies charge consumers.
CleanZone Systems will make technicians available throughout the country (where regional licensees are not yet present) for talks at InterNACHI chapter meetings. InterNACHI inspectors interested in a CleanZone license for their business will be offered special home inspector rates.
InterNACHI members should contact CleanZone Systems’ corporate office for treatment information or license opportunities at 630-963-0303 or our Eastern Regional Office: Bob Wegbreit at 610-453-6339.