ClientCourier launches special InterNACHI promotion.

4/25/05 – launches its online report delivery and storage system for home inspectors. The system is a powerful alternative for professionals seeking more than just a web-based template. allows its users to place their own reports online by providing a simple solution to report accessibility and efficient delivery. The system gives inspectors a centralized online storage location for all of their out-going documents.  Upload your reports into multiple folders, and send delivery messages to selected clients through automatically generated email-invites!   Don’t let email attachments slow down your business. Switch to, your clients will appreciate it!

SPECIAL InterNACHI PROMOTION - is offering InterNACHI members who subscribe a complimentary full version copy of a robust PDF writing application, FREE with sign up to has also pledged to donate a percentage of their proceeds to the InterNACHI Charity Foundation. For every InterNACHI member that
subscribes, will donate $9.95 per month to the InterNACHI charity foundation.

Andrew Kennedy