InterNACHI building new server cluster to handle increasing demand.

InterNACHI is in the planning stage of yet another infrastructure improvement which includes a giant server cluster. 
This is necessary because of increased traffic at   For example our recent Inspector's Quarterly was downloaded over 15,000 times in the first 10 days of its publication. had 71 million hits in 2004 and we are expecting that number to approach a whopping 1 billion (1,000 million) hits for 2005.  Furthermore, we are planning to host a new online real estate publication and we are adding some 6,000 more lead generating websites for our members in 2005. 
If has to go offline to implement these improvements we will schedule it for the middle of the night and announce the inconvenience well in advance.
Our tech department is currently in Europe setting up a similar system for InterNACHI.