Certified Master Inspector worksheet (for fun only).

Certified Master Inspector Formula (enjoyment purposes only, no passing cut-off score, not adopted as a CMI requirement)
The home inspection business is different than almost any other business in that the consumer doesn’t get to meet the home inspector until AFTER he/she hires the inspector (typically onsite at the inspection).  Over the years, prominent members of the home inspection industry have recognized the difficulty consumers have in determining inspector competence.  How can one tell a good inspector from a bad one?  Licensing, which only creates a bare minimum standard, has been shown over the years to be a horrible predictor of inspector competence.  Like being up to code, licensing isn’t up at all in that if you did anything less… it would be outright illegal.  The creating of instant home inspectors based on one's ability to pass one, lone exam, only once... is unconscionable.  Especially when the answers to most licensing exams are sold on eBay for 15.  Inspector competence would have to be quantified somehow by another formula.  A formula based on the sum of many indicators falling into 4 major categories:
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Competence
Hence was born the Certified Master Inspector designation:
Principles of the designation's formula:
  • The formula would have to be based on the sum of many indicators and should that final sum or total be equal to or greater than a certain qualifying bar.
  • The formula would have to be open and available to all inspectors in the industry.
  • The formula would have to be fair to all home inspectors in the industry.
  • The formula would have to be simple to calculate.
  • The formula would take into consideration factors that demonstrate education, experience, commitment and competence.  Some factors overlap.  For example... buying a moisture meter indicates commitment (expenditure) and competence (to measure moisture).
  • The formula would be free for all to use again and again anonymously.
InterNACHI has also developed a valid Certified Master Inspector Exam (CMIE).

The following online qualifying worksheet is for entertainment purposes only.  Enjoy:

To become a Certified Master Inspector visit:  www.certifiedmasterinspector.org