Pics from InterNACHI's National Convention

Welcome to the InterNACHI Convention, Orlando, Florida, January 2005.
Scroll down.
A beautiful entrance at a beautiful resort.  Scroll down.
Incoming InterNACHI President Blaine Wiley meets and greets.
Some run in.
Some walk in.
A packed house.  Over 850 inspectors in attendance.
Nick on crowd control.
Spillover into lobby.
Thirty nine home inspection industry vendors bought every booth we had.
"Professional Equipment loves to support InterNACHI.... we are there for you," Ed Lucarini.
"I've heard very good comments about InterNACHI's educational programs."  Nancy Brendhoff, Radon Testing Corporation of America.
"We are happy to be part of InterNACHI's convention."  Tracy Tacenaro, AInspect.
"Thanks for having us.  We're impressed with InterNACHI's professionalism."  Jeannie Greene, ITA.
InterNACHI trucks filled the parking lot.
"Been a great show.  It generated a lot of interest for our products."  William Gustafson, Brinks Home Security.
"It's been fantastic."  Robert A. Linder, American Home Warranty.
"Enjoyed it.  Had a great time.  I look forward to coming back next year."  Mike East, Digital Leveling Systems.
HomeGauge...InterNACHI convention's main sponsor.
Earl, Nick, and Gary (looking for a snack).
Inspection Depot purchased 6 booths!
"InterNACHI held their convention at a very classy resort," Martin Sloan.
"I was impressed with the turn-out," Henry Livingston.
Gary Johnson and Western States Director Bruce Kirby.
"Turned out very well."  Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix It.
"One of the better shows I've been to."  Jody Thomason, Aerotech
Some guys were having too much fun.
"Gave us an opportunity to offer our infrared services to the home inspection industry."  Richard L. Price, FLIR Systems.
"Extremely well run.  Great facility.  Great people.  Very educational.  We came all the way from Canada for it." Norm Lecuyer, Inspection Support Services, Inc.
InterNACHI's Director at Large Lorne Steiner demonstrates his Porter Valley Software.
"We would like to thank InterNACHI for having us here," John Kerrigan.
Every class was packed, all three days.
Claude Lawerson of ISS inc from Canada.
Sam Wood on foundations.
Joe Tedesco, InterNACHI in-house electrical trainer.
David Cohen on composite siding.
Rick La Pierre on mold.
Jon Williams of Professional Equipment.
Barry Stangel on bugs.
Jeff Coffey from FEMA.
The Guys from PRO-LAB.
Kenny Hart on plumbing.
Chris Bulter of FREA.
Bob Pearson of Allen Insurance.
Keith Swift of Porter Valley Software on avoiding litigation.
And a very big thank you to Tom Lauhon of Midwest Inspection Institute who put on a great AC class on short notice.
Kenny Hart
Joe Tedesco
Tom Lauhon
InterNACHI's Development Director Dave Bush
Dave on a chair.
InterNACHI's Education Director Gerry Beaumont.  Through the education offerings at InterNACHI's recent convention,
Gerry was able to provide InterNACHI members (and fellow inspectors in our industry) over 5,000 great credit hours
 of continuing education at a cost to InterNACHI of less than $2.00 per credit hour.
Paul Sabados in action.
Paul looking enviously at the awards thinking "I should have won!"
"%&#@*  outrageous!  Two thumbs up!"  Jamie McDonnell, PRO-LAB.
New York InterNACHI President Patsy Maietta.
InterNACHI President Joe Hagarty.
FAPHI (Florida Association of Professional Home Inspectors) Director Harold Weise.
Earl Beahm in action.
InterNACHI's Executive Administrator Aimee Jalowsky. 
Drawings and winners.
InterNACHI member Bruce Byers recieves award for traveling from Alaska.
Harvey Gordon wins award for having 206 inspectors show up at one of his Chapter meetings.
Joe Hagarty presents awards.
Porter Valley Software wins Innovation Award.
"Thank you InterNACHI members for the great response.  Here's to a great year.  See you all in Canada," Lorne Steiner, Porter Valley Software.
Nick accepts awards for Gil Stratchan, Canadian InterNACHI Member of the Year and Joe Farsetta U.S. InterNACHI Member of the Year.
InterNACHI Member of the Year John Bowman.
FAPHI buddies.
Shawn Irvin of UniBind, the hit of the conference.  We gave him a $5,000+ order. 
The man himself... Mr. Gary Johnson.
"The InterNACHI Convention was great!"  Chris Butler, FREA.
"Good conference."  Kelly Carpenter, FREA.
Inspector's Quarterly reporter Krystal Wright and Nick.
"Its been a worthwhile convention.  The President and Dave Bush have been very helpful and attentive to the vendors." Mickey Orosz, IFREC.
"Excellent convention.  Great hospitality.  I recommend all InterNACHI members attend next year."  Bob Pierson, Allen Insurance Group.
"Well pleased.  The reception of my products was well received by the attendees.  You guys are very nice.  We've been to XXXX's convention and this one is much better."  Michael G. Bryan, MGB Publications, Inc.
"Thank you InterNACHI for the  great opportunity and I look forward to next year’s conference in this rapidly
expanding organization’s future."  Stephen J. Luxton.
"InterNACHI provides endless information and support for both inspectors and vendors alike."  Karl Fowler, 3D Inspections.
See you all next year or at a InterNACHI event near you.
InterNACHI hat: $4.00
InterNACHI Convention: $62,500.00
InterNACHI Camaraderie:  Priceless.
The end.