InterNACHI sending REALTORs more promotional stuff.

The newest addition to the InterNACHI toys are these classy letter openers!
These screw driver tip key chains have just come off the assembly line, see for yourself!
Deanna and Krystal are sending these screw driver key chains to REALTORs throughout North America.  Each one has on them.
These are magnetic tool kit keychains that have two sizes of both phillips and flat head screwdrivers.
Cowboy Nick proudly displays these tool-kit keychains.

Please also look at these newer available products.
Look at these beauties going out to REALTORs across the U.S. and Canada.
            House-shaped mint boxes
                    House-shaped note holder holding a InterNACHI wooden nickel.
       House-shaped bank
and my favorite...The stress ball house!
                                                                      When you feel like this, 
                         USE THIS!
     to do this   
The base has four standard screwdriver attachments.
The best thing is that they have space where you may insert your own contact information into them, or just leave them with them with the InterNACHI logo and websites.
Approx 2"wide x 3"tall

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