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HUD 203(k) Consultant & Contractor Management Software Developers Introduce:

10% Discount for InterNACHI Members on our newly developed software.

The Rehab Estimator  & The Rehab Estimator MPS 

Professional 203(k), Conventional, Rehab, Renovation Loan Package Managing Software.


Corporate Niche has created two new products that process HUD 203(k), Conventional, Rehab, Renovation, Fannie Mae, and Rural Construction Loans

The Rehab Estimator & The Rehab Estimator MPS.  

These programs  the same features but with The Rehab Estimator MPS you get the minimum property standards module. 

If you do not need the multiple loan features we also still have our old standard the HUD 203(k) Inspector VP which does only 203(k) loans.    

Saves You Time

o         In designing The Rehab Estimator (MPS) our developers were determined to create a database in a “User Friendly” way so contractors will save more than 75% of the normal hand written time filling out lending institution forms.


Keep It Simple

o         Keeping track of your project is easy!

o         Create professional reports at the click of a button.

o         Enter the information once and The Project Estimator cascades and records the project’s information.

o         All the repetitive typing and calculations are done for you saving you time and money.

o         Client information, escrow/repair item figures or any changes are entered into ALL the forms and reports required by HUD, your client and the lending institutions.


Keep It Professional

o         Your loan packages will look hand typed making all the forms & reports easy to read.

o         Your professional loan submittals will expedite loan processing and create lasting
impressions on clients and loan officers.

o         Protect your business, your client & lenders from liability, miscommunication or mathematical errors.

o         Help your customers obtain financing with Professional looking reports.


Keep You Organized

o         Projects will be well organized into The Rehab Estimator (MPS) in a manner so information is easily retrieved or changed.



1.        Select Different Loan Types (203(k), conventional, Renovation, Etc.)

2.        Create All Required Lender and HUD Forms in a “User Friendly” manner

3.        Creates a Specification Of Repair Report

4.        Create your area or City specific Repair Items prices as defaults.

5.        Specification of Repairs & Bid Integrated.  Enter Repair Items only once for both Forms & Reports.

6.        Draw Requests Forms. Newest HUD Form

7.        Change Order Report, Newest HUD Form

8.        Write-up Summary

9.        Project Summary Reports – Draws, Change Orders & Estimate Totals.

10.     Easily creates All Banks Write-Up Package. You Choose The Reports To Print.

11.     Detailed Escrow/Construction Summary Reports

12.     Personalized Invoice for client and lender

13.     Reports Can Be Emailed to Lenders using .pdf writer software.

14.     Automatically Enters Your Signature and date on Reports For Emailing

15.     Bid Packages For Contractors

16.     Project Notes

17.     Includes Consultant/Buyer Agreement

18.     Includes Certificate Letter.

19.     Create your own Consultant/Buyer Liability Statements


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Coming soon: 
Spanish or English Contractor's Estimating/Loan Processing/Project Management software program, Spanish (prints in English).
Home Inspection Software - bundled with a Tablet PC.

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