About David Sherwood

SIS,LLC President and TestAll Partner, David Sherwood started performing building inspections in 1982. At that time he developed a procedure in the evaluation process of inspecting buildings that is now used industry wide. Since 1982 he has inspected over 15,000 homes and buildings. Through this time he studied and tracked building diagnostics and building sciences. This is now shared in training classes and made available to all that participate in his classes across the country. He teaches for ASHI, has been the lead trainer for ITA and Kaplan education and Casey O’Malley. Dave has been doing mold testing and mold investigations for over 20 years and teaches it to inspectors across the country. Dave gets a lot of his experience as a trainer for the EPA in the radon program since 1989 and as an EPA lead & mold trainer. Dave has been an expert witness on mold cases and investigations in both Massachusetts and Connecticut for the past 10 years. He has a unique skill of combining the building diagnostics and building sciences to the issues with mold and what is the proper means of corrective action. He teaches a unique procedure that allows us to take the property owner from the beginning evaluation to completion of mold cleaning or remediation, based on EPA guidelines.