InterNACHI cleans out dead wood.

The following email went out to all InterNACHI members on April 22nd, 2004.  It included a live link to allow members to erase themselves from our consumer-directed websites.  InterNACHI staff has also been calling members by phone in an effort to determine their intentions and to clean up our websites.


Dear InterNACHI member:

According to (an company) InterNACHI members have made www.InspectorLocator.comwww.FindanInspector.US and the internet’s largest home inspection lead generators. Now help us make them the best.

If you are not both willing and able to perform home inspections please remove yourself from our many consumer-directed websites.  Perhaps you have retired or are not yet ready to offer services.  Whatever the reason, we don’t want to have visitors contacting members who are either unable or unwilling to provide them with the inspection services the seek.
Email to have yourself either made temporarily invisible or deleted as a member altogether.

Reserving our consumer-directed sites exclusively for actively practicing home inspectors helps us all.


Nick Gromicko
Executive Director


Note to members:  If you are aware of a member who should be removed from InterNACHI, email details to