Disability Insurance Plans Offered to InterNACHI® Members

How would your life be affected if you couldn’t work?  Ask yourself these questions to see how being disabled – even temporarily – could affect you and your family.

Your Lifestyle:

  • Your home mortgage, grocery bills, car payments, and utilities:  Who would pay?
  • Your credit rating:  Would it suffer because you couldn’t make timely payments on your car loan or credit cards?  

Your Family’s Needs:

  • Your children’s education expenses:  Would they be provided for?
  • Your spouse’s employment:  Could your spouse continue to work and care for you?

Your Business:

  • Your business:  Could you keep it running if you weren’t there?
  • Your competition:  Would they stop working while you weren’t?

Your Financial Future:

  • Your primary retirement plan:  Could you continue making contributions?
  • Your current assets:  Would they have to be liquidated for you to pay expenses?

Remember that a disabling illness or injury can occur without warning, as suddenly as a car accident, heart attack, or a fall from a ladder. You may even know several people who were out of work for an extended period of time due to an accident or sickness. You have worked for many years to build a successful home inspection business, but if it's not protected, you could lose it all overnight. 

Disability Insurance protects your most valuable asset:  YOUR INCOME!

Please contact Jessica Paradis at jparadis@ft.newyorklife.com or call her at 860-878-1118 to request further information on the plans available to InterNACHI® members.

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