InterNACHI® Serves and Accommodates Different Types of Learners

by InterNACHI® Staff

According to an Adult Education and Training Survey conducted by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), there has been a recent decline in the number of adults who hold a license or certification. Though the survey does not discuss the reasons behind this downward trend, another study by the NCES found that digital literacy directly correlates to education and training. As we move forward in this digital age, distance learning will continue to be a popular method for education and professional training.

InterNACHI® School’s courses are designed by staff who understand the needs and challenges of a diverse community of learners within the online education environment. Because InterNACHI® is an international organization, our members interact with peers of various backgrounds from all over North America, and the world. All of our members have unlimited and equal access to our online instructional materials and content regardless of their knowledge base, education level, social or economic background, or work experience. This gives all of our students an equal opportunity to successfully achieve their training goals.

InterNACHI’s educational content is delivered digitally in a variety of ways using our own proprietary platform. Students can take advantage of each online course’s unlimited access 24/7.  Our courses employ a variety of instructional methods for students of different learning styles and capabilities so that they can achieve an effective and satisfactory learning experience.  

These methodologies include: 

Students also have the option to interact online outside the courses with cohorts and instructors, allowing for a more personal, classroom-type experience. 

InterNACHI’s education team, support staff, and technology experts are continually developing tools to help close the digital literacy gap and make mastering new information and skills as accessible as possible for diverse learners.

24/7 Accessibility
InterNACHI® works to ensure that all of its online courses, materials, and resources are accessible to students of diverse ability levels and limitations. All of our educational content is available anytime and from anywhere – online 24/7.

InterNACHI® is an international organization, with students who speak many languages. A number of InterNACHI® courses and exams have been translated into Spanish and French in an effort to increase their accessibility. We will continue to announce translated material as it becomes available.

Equal Access
InterNACHI’s education courses, resources, and materials are designed and delivered in such a way that the level of communication and course-taking experience is the same for students with or without disabilities or learning challenges. For example, all printed information is available as electronic text. Many of our courses can be supplemented with related videos, webinars, and podcasts. 

Our proprietary online education system is user-friendly, with features that incorporate a hierarchical menu coupled with sequential page navigation.

To ensure that grades are applied accurately, fairly, and consistently while avoiding discrimination, students complete their assessments which are then evaluated online using our grading software. All quizzes and exams are graded by the learning management system, and students automatically and immediately receive the results of their assessments and course completions. The software does all the work, which removes the potential for human bias and error.

Video Courses 
InterNACHI® also provides many video courses in its curriculum. These video courses, featuring professional production using high-quality audio mastering, may be paused, rewound, and re-started at any time, allowing the student to control the pace at which they learn. Students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, which make text-based courses more challenging, may benefit from this format to obtain the same quality of education as other students.

Additionally, many of InterNACHI’s videos are embedded with closed captioning for students who are hard of hearing. Some videos feature both closed captioning of spoken words and written descriptions of sounds that are important for understanding the context of the material. We announce new closed-captioned video courses whenever they become available.

Self-Paced Learning
Students are given unlimited access to our online courses. This allows them the ability to create their own timeline for their learning goals. Because the system provides unlimited access 24/7, students are given more time than they would normally have in an in-person, live classroom program, which would restrict them to a specific schedule at a specific location.

Advanced Learning
Because our e-learning curriculum is online and asynchronous, advanced students are provided the opportunity to move through course material at a quicker pace, if they desire. Advanced students are also permitted to spend more time in deeper research or learning at their self-determined, accelerated pace. Live classroom instruction is generally geared toward the students present who perform at the slowest pace. Online instruction that’s available 24/7 eliminates this learning roadblock.

Start, Stop, and Start Again
One of the most valuable aspects of using online technology to enhance and support student learning is that InterNACHI’s course system permits the student to start, stop, and re-start any part of a course as often as they desire. The system tracks their progress and can bring them back to the exact page of the course they stopped on whenever they log back into it.

Reflection Time
Because students are provided control over their interactions with the course technology and media, learner reflection may be prompted and enhanced. "Learner reflection" is defined as the ability of the student to step back from the material and reflect on its content and meaning, thereby promoting critical thinking skills, and allowing them to later re-engage with their current coursework with a greater level of analysis. This increased understanding is then carried forward into their subsequent courses.

InterNACHI’s interactive website and online education system provide a platform for students to communicate with their peers through email, social media, the course system, and our online messaging forum. This cross-interaction of staff, peers, and mentors supports the development of valuable networking connections for students.

Companion Text
Most online courses include a duplicate course text that is available as an easy-to-view PDF. As an example, visit the “Safe Practices for Home Inspectors” Course ( that includes a course companion text as a PDF download.

Tracking Progress Made Easy
InterNACHI’s education system helps students easily track their progress via their secure online dashboard at

Individualized Assistance
If a student needs assistance at any time prior to, during, or after the taking a course, they can contact InterNACHI’s Education Department via email at We provide a timely response within 24 hours during the workweek, and by close of business on Monday for questions received over the weekend. 

Students may also contact specific InterNACHI® staffers via

InterNACHI® also provides peer-to-peer learning experiences for both students who need additional assistance and for experienced inspectors who are interested in helping newer students through the InterNACHI® Mentoring Program. Information about this program can be found at

Technical Assistance
In case of transmission interruptions on the InterNACHI® website, assistance is provided by staff through online chat, email, or phone to enable them to satisfactorily complete a course.

Helpful How-To Videos
InterNACHI® School has helpful “how-to” videos posted at that provide assistance to students beginning their online education, and general tips on navigating our website.

Students may sign up for live webinars to supplement their learning experience by visiting All recorded webinars and instructional videos can be accessed 24/7 at

Students can augment their online education by enjoying extra-curricular industry-related podcasts found at

Students can listen to the course content because we have embedded audio players in many pages of our online courses, including the InterNACHI Code of Ethics Course and the InterNACHI Home Inspection Standards of Practice Course. Go to our education course page at

InterNACHI’s Commitment to Education

By providing multiple ways for students to engage with our educational material – whether through text, video, graphics, or one-on-one communication – InterNACHI® is dedicated to creating a rich and immersive learning environment for students of all levels. InterNACHI® continues to innovate its delivery technologies to make its courses accessible through the creation of text-based content, informative illustrations, video courses, webinars, podcasts, the translation of courses into different languages, and readily available peer-to-peer, instructor, and staff support. In doing so, we hope to help even more adult learners reach their goals in Inspecting the World®.


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