InterNACHI offers free DNS forwarding service to members.

InterNACHI is pleased to announce free DNS forwarding services for all of its members through a special partnership with Yalia Technology Design.

DNS forwarding allows you to have your own domain name (example: route directly to the webpage or website of your choice.  Members no longer have to send customers to a long website address such as a  /~yourname/ directory.   Keep one domain name for all your marketing materials, and change where it's pointing to at any time.
Here's how to make it happen:
1. If you haven't done so already, register your domain name, or Yalia can do this for you.
2. Look up the location (full URL) of your current web page or site.
3. Fill out the DNS Forwarding request form on
Your web site forwarding will be set up within a few days.  You will receive an email with confirmation that your site is live.
InterNACHI...always helping.

Yalia Technology Design offers affordable web site design and hosting, including a build-your-own-website package for only $29.95 plus hosting through For more information on our products and services, please visit