INSPECTOR CHALLENGE GAME: Electrical Panel Defects

InterNACHI is pleased to introduce its first in a series of INSPECTOR CHALLENGE GAMES.  These very short courses and fast-paced final exams are a fun way to challenge yourself and your peers in the inspection community. 
Our first challenge is called “Electrical Panel Defects” and utilizes InterNACHI’s new high resolution image viewer (see video below).  Although this short instructional video references our Stucco/EIFS course, the concept works for the Electrical Panel Defects Game.



The Inspector Challenge Game works like this: You take a very short course and a very fast-paced exam based on the information in the course. If you do well, we post your name, city, state and score on the Inspector Challenge Game Rankings page for all the world to see. If you do poorly... ssshhhhh... we won't tell anyone and you can play again until you score well. Open to members and non-members both.
To read more about Inspector Challenges and take this challenge, check out the Inspector Challenges Game page.

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