Home Inspector's Electrical Wall of Defects.

Electrical Wall of Defects
We asked Mr. David Ruskay, a master electrician, to build the Electrical Wall of Defects.
The wall has 50 electrical defects every inspector should know.
Throughout his career Ruskay has repaired electrical problems discovered by home inspectors. 
Ruskay built the wall to demonstrate the most common electrical problems that are missed by home inspectors.  
21 wall receptacles are purposely wired with defects that a GFCI tester falsely describes as "Correctly wired." 
Receptacles are pulled out to show how they are improperly wired.
Double-tapping; IC recessed lights; Green bonding screw; Antioxidant paste; Grounding and bonding; Commercial electrical panel inspection; GFCIs and AFCIs problems; Aluminum branch wiring defects; Inaccurate readings from most commonly-used inspector tool - the GFCI tester; Essential tools and equipment to be used for inspecting, including the Wiggy® and PPE; Open grounds; Shared neutrals for AFCIs; Open grounds with GFCI receptacles; Open neutrals; Floated neutrals; Open hots; Hot/ground reversed; Hot/neutral reversed; Sizing service entrance conductors; 2-wire circuits; and more...
Video length: 2 hours 6 minutes
Cost:  FREE