EnergySmart Boulder and Your Colorado Home Inspector

Visit to find your local Colorado home inspector to provide a Home Energy Inspection and you'll receive: 
  • free in-home visit and consultation;
  • an explanation of your home’s energy use;
  • free water-saving showerheads;
  • free energy-saving lightbulbs;
  • free water faucet aerators;
  • help with determining the most cost-effective home improvements;
  • help with obtaining and evaluating bids from qualified contractors; and
  • help in finding and applying for rebates and financial incentives.

The Home Energy Inspection is a quick way for home buyers and sellers to understand how their home's energy performance compares to that of others in the same region.
The Home Energy Inspection also provides recommendations for energy upgrades, as well as an estimate of how much these improvements can improve the energy efficiency of the home to achieve a higher Home Score and save money.