EPA assisting NACHI.TV in production of upcoming show on "How to Inspect a Green Building."

November 13, 2007: Nick Gromicko interviews EPA Project Director on the 9th floor of a green building.  Note what is growing on the roof and the solar panels in the background.
Nick Gromicko explains how to inspect the interior of a green building.  These particular wall coverings are made of fast growing bamboo and water-based adhesive.
NACHI.TV's show on "How to inspect a Green Building" will aire the end of November, 2007.
Nine other NACHI.TV episodes are being developed in conjunction with the EPA and IAC2 on inspection-related topics such as asbestos, lead, radon, mold, fuel storage, and indoor air quality.
InterNACHI has developed a free, online, green building inspection course to be released in December of 2007.

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