Home Inspection Events

2-Day Infrared Thermography Training for Home Inspectors at InterNACHI's Pennsylvania House of Horrors

November 14th–November 15th

During this two-day class, you'll perform an inspection of the InterNACHI® House of Horrors using infrared thermography technology; and identify and describe common problems that may be discovered with the use of infrared thermography. You'll learn how to use an infrared camera to detect thermal patterns caused by defects, energy loss, water problems, moisture intrusion, and building envelope deficiencies.

Upon completion this class you'll be able to:

  • discuss basic thermal and infrared physics;
  • describe the parts of an infrared camera and simplify how they operate;
  • demonstrate how to use an infrared camera during an inspection;
  • inspect the systems and components of a building with an infrared camera;
  • distinguish between what an infrared camera detects and does not detect;
  • list the benefits of using an infrared camera during a visual inspection of a building;
  • interpret and analyze observed anomalies represented in infrared inspection images;
  • communicate to clients in written form indications of observed defects at inspected systems and components.

You'll also receive 16 hours of InterNACHI® continuing education credit for attending this class.

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