InterNACHI Mentors

InterNACHI® Mentoring provides peer-to-peer learning experiences for both students who need assistance and for experienced inspectors who are interested in helping students. InterNACHI may ask a qualified member to volunteer their time to help facilitate and support student learning as a Mentor. InterNACHI Mentors provide help, guidance, coaching, instruction, report review, assignment review, and instructional feedback to students who ask for help.

Students can work with their Mentors through email and online forum messaging regardless of geographic location. By using electronic communications, online instruction develops and grows the knowledge, skills, abilities, confidence, and understanding of an individual.
InterNACHI has a sufficient number of Mentors and qualified, certified inspectors within the membership to provide individualized instruction services to each student. 
Mentor Qualifications
An InterNACHI Mentor possess outstanding professional experience and have demonstrated educational contributions to InterNACHI. Each Mentor must:

  1. be an InterNACHI® member in good standing;
  2. be an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® or a Certified Master Inspector®
  3. have been performing home inspections for at least three years;
  4. be in compliance with InterNACHI's Continuing Education Policy; and
  5. agree to assist other InterNACHI® members on a volunteer basis with guidance and instruction, including providing academic assistance, reviewing inspection reports, checking and evaluating assignments, offering instructional feedback, and modeling scholarly and professional behavior.
Because Mentors are required to be InterNACHI members in good standing, they must comply with any and all significant policies and standards such as the Standards of Practice, the Continuing Education Policy, the Code of Ethics, and standards and policy changes, or they will lose their Mentor designation and privliges.
Because Mentors are required to be InterNACHI members in good standing, they are:
  • fully aware of and experienced with the InterNACHI education course system, online examinations, online student discussion forums, and program goals and objectives; and
  • required by InterNACHI's Continuing Education Policy to complete twenty-four hours of Continuing Education in order to maintain their InterNACHI membership in good standing.
Performance Criteria 
To facilitate student learning and assure competence, Mentors will meet the following performance criteria:
  • Maintain regular and substantive interaction with members as needed.
  • Check for student assignment submissions, student questions, student discussions, student requests, and any other student activity that they are expected to monitor.
  • Provide scholarly feedback, guidance, and supportive interactions within three days of receiving a request by a student.
  • Respond to any student questions, discussion postings, or any other student-initiated request as quickly as possible, but certainly within 72 hours of receiving the request. If additional time is needed to research the request, the Mentor should acknowledge receipt of the request and notify the student as to when a complete response can be expected.
  • Proactively and regularly initiate and post meaningful contributions to all appropriate course discussion threads for the purpose of stimulating the student's’ academic experience and keeping the discussions on topic.