Fee Calculator Instructions

InterNACHI's Fee Calculator helps you bid inspection projects correctly. The calculator can be customized to your inspection company so that your office manager or whomever answers your phone can bid inspection jobs just like you would – not underbidding, and not leaving money on the table.

To use it, first customize your settings by clicking the "Change Settings" button on the right side of the calculator.  We have provided default settings, but they may not fit your area or business model.  So, you should adjust them as you see fit.  These settings will be automatically saved.  When you log in each day, they will there, but they can be changed at any time.  

There are five main factors that determine what you should charge: 

  • Base Price: This is the minimum price you charge just to start your inspection vehicle.
  • Mileage Factor: The price you charge extra (per mile) to travel to the inspection.
  • Age Factor: The price you charge extra (per year) for older homes.
  • Size Factor: The price you charge extra (per square foot) for larger homes.
  • How Busy You Are: This is an adjustment automatically made by the calculator.  
If you don't want to charge extra to inspect homes that are far away, older, or larger, simply set those settings to zero.

If you don't want to charge more when you're busy, simply leave that function alone.

Save your settings and click "Back to Calculator." 

Next, enter the relevant information for the specific inspection you're trying to bid and click "Calculate Fee" to see your estimate. 

We encourage you to experiment with your settings on hypothetical homes to see what results you get.  Once you like how the calculator is determining your pricing, you can let others in your company bid inspections just like you would.


Use the Fee Calculator