Inspector and Area Manager Training for Disaster Deployment

InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko and BISCO CEO Marv Goldstein are pleased to announce a new source of revenue for experienced home inspectors. FEMA recently awarded a multimillion-dollar contract that includes a one-year base period (which may be extended up to four additional years) to Vanguard Emergency Management (Vanguard) and will use Vanguard’s housing inspections to confirm damage to homes impacted during disasters in order to assist the U.S. federal government in determining the level of federal aid to be granted to disaster survivors. 
InterNACHI and BISCO will be working with Vanguard to identify inspectors under this nationwide contract.
Mr. Gromicko and Mr. Goldstein are calling on the best inspectors in the industry to apply directly to Vanguard to serve as Disaster Inspectors during and after federally declared disasters. BISCO will be hiring Area Managers who will oversee inspectors at disasters in support of Vanguard.
The minimum requirement to become an Inspector for Vanguard is previous home inspection experience.  The minimum requirement for BISCO to become an Area Manager is previous FEMA inspection training. The Area Managers will manage, supervise and mentor Inspectors, as well as help recruit new Inspectors.
There will be 1,000 Inspectors trained over the next three months (through the end of 2013) to perform Inspections for Vanguard, which will be scheduling full-day training sessions in many U.S. cities.
The Area Manager is a paid part-time position to BISCO. Area Managers will be compensated travel expenses/mileage, as well as hotel accommodations and per diem for those traveling more than 50 miles from home in support of disasters.
Every effort is made to deploy Inspectors and Area Managers to their local areas for FEMA disaster work, so they do not have to be far from home for months at a time in order to perform their jobs.
If you are interested in becoming a BISCO Area Manager, please email Marv Goldstein at and tell him you are a member of InterNACHI and are interested... or call Andie at 215-357-8055.
We look forward to hearing from you!