Why Every Inspector Should Upload Their Reports to FetchReport

  1. FetchReport is free... and always will be.
  2. FetchReport is simple to use.  Just drag and drop your report to upload it.  It works instantly with anything: from PDFs and Word documents to ZIP files or anything else.
  3. FetchReport is fast... lightning-fast.  Fast uploads for you.  Fast downloads for your clients.  Your reports are stored on a global content network so that it is fast from everywhere and anywhere in the world.  
  4. FetchReport supports very large file sizes.  Did you generate a 300-page report with 500 images?  No problem.
  5. FetchReport is user-friendly for inspectors, real estate agents, and consumers.  Your clients can access their reports with just their email address.  No password required.
  6. FetchReport allows you to give access to more than one party by simply entering their email address.
  7. FetchReport doesn't require a separate login to remember.  It's the same as your InterNACHI® membership login.  And it can be accessed conveniently from your InterNACHI® member dashboard.
  8. FetchReport keeps track of who accessed your reports and when.
  9. FetchReport works on mobile devices.
  10. FetchReport is integrated with Move-In® Certfied to make Seller's Inspections a breeze.
  11. FetchReport gives you the option to make your reports public for Seller and Pre-Listing Inspections.
  12. FetchReport is reliable with a 99.99996% uptime record.