Pics from Florida's 2-day educational conference.

Registration begins.
InterNACHI Speaker Michael Rowan... "Uh oh...I forgot this was a InterNACHI meeting...I think I should have brought more literature."
Inspectors from as far away as Pensacola attended including our sister association FAPHI.
Let's eat!  197 dinners were served.... wow... 197!
Many old friends get to meet up again.
Lots to do.
Classrooms all packed... some with over 100 inspectors in attendance at electrical course, over 70 attended roofing, mold certification course packed.
Standing room only.
Harvey, with Gerry running InterNACHI's newest digital projector.
Speakers galore.
A great bar!
THANK YOU!!!   Brinks Home Security.
Vendors Pic... a very rare picture of InterNACHI staff members Chris Morrell in the pink shirt (rear row, left) and Deanna Willis sporting a bit of exposed belly & toes (front).
Michael Rowan looks pretty good considering Nick took him out until 3am Friday night.
Some had fun.
Some had too much fun.
Prolab sponsors another InterNACHI event with Harvey holding up the InterNACHI Store display.
Michael shows us how it's done.
FREA's Kelly Carpenter runs out of insurance applications... but not charm.
Harvey, Dick, Jay, Nick, Kelly, David, Gerry.
See you all at the next meeting!
Northeast Florida InterNACHI Chapter meeting in Jacksonville on June 22nd:
South Florida InterNACHI Chapter meeting in Miami on July 6th:
Other events in your neighborhood:
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