Free, Online Continuing Education for Florida Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators

Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is responsible for licensing and regulating mold assessors and mold remediators. For more details, visit the Florida DBPR website for the mold-related services licensing program. 
According to a declaratory statement by G. W. Harrell, Florida DBPR Director, on March 28, 2013, a Florida-licensed home inspector:
  • "may inspect, sample, and identify visible mold, assuming the visible mold discovered during the home inspection is less 10 square feet in area," and
  • "is allowed to advertise mold testing, sampling, and inspections within the scope of licensure as a home inspector, so long as he/she does not use the terms "certified mold assessor," "registered mold assessor," "licensed mold assessor," "mold assessor," "professional mold assessor," or any combination thereof stating or implying licensure as a mold assessor."
Read the statement as a PDF download. We recommend becoming an InterNACHI Certified Mold Inspector

14-Hour Mold Continuing Education Course (free & online)

Florida-licensed Mold Assessors and Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators are required to complete at least fourteen (14) hours of Continuing Education (CE) prior to the expiration of their license. The training must include six hours of water (moisture intrusion); four hours of mold and mold safety; 2 hours of report writing; and 2 hours of standards of practice as described in Rule 61-31.504 FAC.
InterNACHI's free, online Florida Mold Assessor & Remediator CE Course is approved by Florida Mold Related Services Licensing Board. 

View 2024 approval of Florida Mold Assessor and Remediator CE course

  • 14 total CE credit hours; which includes
  • 6 hours of water or moisture intrusion (W/MI);
  • 4 hours of mold and mold safety (M/MS);
  • 2 hours of report writing (RW); and
  • 2 hours of standards of practice (SOP) as described in Rule 61-31.504, FAC. 


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