A Sample Letter You Can Mail to Your Former Clients that Brings in More Inspection Business!

This is a sample letter that you can mail to your database of former clients.  It is designed to get you more inspection business in three ways.  If you have not created a database of all your past clients, you should, and you should work it regularly.  Remember:  Your client has gone through a hectic move since you've last seen them.  By now, your client has probably forgotten your name and has misplaced your contact information.  Building a word-of-mouth business requires a little bit of work.  This Former Client Sales Letter works!
Don't forget to include several of your inspection business cards!
The sample letter was created using the 2003 version of MS Word (Word.doc format), so you should be able to edit it regardless of the type of computer or operating system you're using, and you can modify and customize it as you like. Replace the text in red with your client's name and your inspection business contact information.  Be sure to print it out on your own business letterhead, if you have it.
This letter is for InterNACHI members' use only, so you will need your member username and password to access it.  Forgot your username or password?
Please don't post the letter publicly, as it is for InterNACHI members' use only.