Help Naming Your Company

InterNACHI has compiled a list of many actual home inspection company names and the location they're based in. The list contains 15,695 home inspection company names, and can be used to help you come up with a unique name that will stand out from the crowd. (And yes, someone already thought of Sherlock Homes.)

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IL #1 Good Home Inspection
MD 1 Call Solution
CA 1 Direction Property Inspctn
OH 1 Home Inspection
NY 1-800-Engineer
MI 138 Inspections
TX 1st American Home Inspections
WA 1st Choice Home Inspection
NE 1st Choice Home Inspection Svc
FL 1st Choice Home Inspections
NE 1st Choice Home Inspector
NE 1st Choice Home Inspector
FL 1st Choice Home Inspectors, Inc.
ME 1st Choice Inspections
TX 1st Choice Real Estate Inspctn
SP 1st HIT - First Home Inspection Technologies
MI 1st Priority Home Inspections
MI 1st Priority Home Inspections
DE 1st State Building Inspections
MN 20 20 Forsight Inc
CA 20-20 Home Inspections
SC 20/20 Home Inspection Svc
UT 20/20 Home Inspection Svc
CA 20/20 Home Inspections
MN 20/20 Home Inspections
MI 20/20 Home Inspections Inc
MN 20/20 Inspection Svc
NY 20/20 Inspections
CA 20/20 Property Inspection
FL 20/20 Property Inspections
AZ 20/20 Real Estate Review
FL 2020 Property Inspections
CA 21st Century Home Inspection
FL 21st Century Home Inspections
FL 21st Century Pro Home Inspctn
WI 24-7 Home Inspections
FL 241 Home Inspection Inc
CO 2MS Inspection Svc
AZ 2nd Opinion Home Inspections
WI 3 Square Home Inspection Services, LLC
KS 3-D Property Inspections
TN 3D Design Services
FL 3d Home Inspections
WA 4 Corners Home Inspection Co.
IN 4 Corners Inspections
CA 4 Leaf Inc
ON 4 Seasons Home Inspection, Inc.
MI 4 Seasons Home Inspections Svc
MO 4 State Home Inspections
PA 4 Sure Inspections
MO 4-State Pro Svc
WI 4th Dimension Design Inc
MS 5 Star Home Inspection
VA 5 Star Home Inspection Service, Inc.
CA 5 Star Home Inspection Service/ Pillar to Post
ID 5 Star Home Inspections
FL 5 Star Home Inspections Inc
WV 5 Star Home Inspections LLC
FL 5th Avenue Building Inspection
MI 7 E Specialties Inc
TX 836 Home Inspection
ON 995422 Ontario, Inc.
IA A Services
NY A & A Consulting Eng
NJ A & A Consutling & Inspection
CA A & A Design Construction
OH A & A Engineering
NH A & A Home Inspection
AZ A & A Home Inspection Svc
TN A & A Home Inspection Svc
NY A & A Home Inspections
IN A & B Remodeling & Home Inspection
IN A & B Remodeling & Home Inspections, LLC
FL A & C Building Inspections Inc
CT A & C Enterprises
AZ A & C Home Inspectors
NJ A & C Inspection Svc
TX A & D Inspections
SC A & D Inspections Inc
FL A & E Assoc Inc
NH A & E Buildings
MD A & E Home Inspection Inc
TX A & E Real Estate Inspections
AL A & E Southern Svc Termite
GA A & F Home Inspections Inc
AR A & G Home Inspections
MI A & H Appelbern-Hall Inc
WI A & H Building Svc
FL A & H Repairs Inc
FL A & J Construction
MN A & J Home Inspections
TN A & J Home Inspections
CO A & K Inspection Svc Inc
CT A & L Home Inspections
NC A & L Home Inspections Inc
FL A & L Inspection Svc
NJ A & M Engineering Svc Inc
NC A & M Home Inspection Svc
NY A & M Home Inspectors
CA A & M In Depth Inspection Svc
OH A & O Home Inspection Svc
AZ A & P Inspection Svc
FL A & R Aluminum Gutters
OH A & R Home Inspections
CT A & S Home Inspection Group
NY A & W Bldg Inspection
NY A & W Building Inspections
OH A 1 Comprehensive Inspection
TN A 1 Home Improvements Inspect
CO A 1 Home Inspection
FL A 1 Home Inspection
IN A 1 Home Inspection
NY A 1 Home Inspection
WI A 1 Home Inspection
ME A 1 Home Inspections
NC A 1 Home Inspections
NY A 1 Home Inspections
SC A 1 Home Inspections
WI A 1 Home Inspections
CT A 1 Home Inspections Svc
FL A 1 Home Inspector
CA A 1 Inspection
OH A 1 Inspection Network
NV A 1 Inspections
NY A 1 Inspections
FL A 1 Pro Svc Corp
GA A 1 Property Inspection Svc
MA A 1 Quality Home Inspection
MA A A Aaron Home Inspection
MA A A Able Home Inspection
CO A A Buyer's Choice Inspections
CO A A Complete Prop Inspection
MA A A Duke Co
CA A A First Home Inspection Svc
GA A A Home Inspection
MD A A Home Inspection Svc Inc
VA A A Home Inspections Inc
MI A A Inspection Svc
OK A A Inspection Svc
CO A A Plumbing Inc
NY A A Quality Home Inspection Co
TX A A Real Estate Inspection
OH A A Residential Inspection Svc
RI A A Svc Pro Floor Refinsh
NJ A Abbott Pest Control Inc
MI A Abby Building Inspection Svc
IL A Abet Inspection
PA A Able Bakerstown Sanitation
OH A Able Home Inspection Svc
NV A Able Tree Svc
FL A Accredited Home Inspection
FL A Accredited Inspection Svc
FL A Accurate Home Inspections
TX A Ace
TX A Action Home Inspection Group
CA A Advanced American Labs
FL A Advanced Bldg & Home Inspctn
FL A Advanced Building & Home
FL A Advanced Environmental Inc