Free credit report and buyer/seller e-books.


InterNACHI Provides More Free Content with Immense Value

Dallas, Texas  -- Valuable marketing and educational content in the form of two free e-books aimed at Real Estate professionals, consumers and Home Inspectors was provided today to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. The information has been made available to anyone coming to the site by Dallas based 

"It's a unique opportunity" said Pat Hicks, Managing Partner of "because we are able to provide information that has incredible value at absolutely no cost for the people coming to the InterNACHI site."

The substance of the information provided in ebook format deals with “mission critical” credit knowledge needed by everyday consumers as well as a complete “How To” guide for home buyers and sellers, Hicks said. "We wanted to tell consumers the truth about what really is a ‘free’ credit report plus give real world advice that home buyers, sellers, Realtors and Inspectors could use. InterNACHI is a perfect fit for doing so".

The e-books, “The Top Five Things You Need to Know if You Are Buying or Selling a Home” and “The Truth About Free Credit Reports” gives practical and detailed knowledge, explained Hicks. "How many people meet with their Realtor, or mortgage banker or put their home on the market and are so well educated in advance, that they can produce and present a three ring binder if they want? The ones that read these two e-books are."

The e-books are provided at no charge through at :

The information found in the e-books gives step by step instructions from gathering, organizing and presenting all the financial records required of lenders when purchasing a house for first time buyers, to what to clean and polish for home sellers that creates a look and feel guaranteed to bring top dollar. “First time buyers walk in to any lender prepared and educated about the process. Sellers get a ‘To Do’ list which will make their homes stand out in the marketplace and consumers are not misled or confused about ‘free’ credit reports”, said Hicks. “Everybody wins”. provides credit reports and educational material for consumers. It specializes in reviewing sites for consumers on the best places to obtain credit reports and scores. Its motto is, “Knowledge is Power”.

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