Home Inspector Schools in Georgia


Website: https://wholehousehomeinspections.com/training-and-certification

Instructor: John Watson

Whole House Home Inspections and Training Institute offers a 5 day Home Inspector Training Course that was designed to compliment the online portion of training provided from InterNachi. Our trainers remember what it was like when they first started in the inspection industry. They understand how difficult it was to market to potential clients, and get experience in the field; all while ensuring profitability. Our training course will prepare you to hit the ground running as you will not only gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a thorough home inspection for your clients, but we will also equip you with a basic tool kit, marketing strategies and ongoing support well after the class has been completed. If you are considering a career in the Home Inspection industry, contact Whole House Home Inspections and Training Institute now!


Website: hitittoday.com

Instructor: Steve Sheldon

At Home Inspection Training Institute (Hit-It), we conduct 4-day Home Inspector Courses that offer 22 hours of in-depth classroom training, designed to equip you with the right knowledge, skills, and techniques to properly conduct home inspections and help you open a successful business. All of this is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If, after the first day of training, you’re not completely satisfied that Hit –it training and a career in home inspection isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your entire enrollment fee; period.

For more details visit hitittoday.com. Enroll with Hit-it and get a free 1-month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only).

Home Inspector Training in Georgia with Axium (optional and for a fee)

Learn home inspections from active, certified, and experienced Home Inspectors with Axium Academy. Our 5-day all-inclusive course provides thorough classroom education, live field training so you get hands-on experience, AND marketing and business education to ensure you become the most successful Inspector you can be. We also provide 24/7 post-course support, ongoing daily education, Axium Academy Professionally Trained Certifications, safety net services, and so much more. Join one of our free seminars hosted each week or register today. 
Visit https://axiumacademy.com to learn about everything Axium Academy can do for you. Enroll with Axium Academy and get a free 1-month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only).