Matching funds for InterNACHI Foundation project. Please help.

Dear fellow InterNACHI members:
I am writing to ask all InterNACHI members to pitch in a little to support a good cause. 

The InterNACHI Foundation, InterNACHI's registered charity based in Maryland has received a $93,207.00 grant from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

To get the grant we have to come up with our own $40,000 contribution from InterNACHI members, and we need the first $10,000 almost immediately. 

Toward achieving this goal, I am personally matching any donation, dollar for dollar, with my own money.  That's right, if you donate $50, I'll match it with another $50.  If you donate $10, I'll match it with another $10.  Any donation you can make is appreciated and will get us closer to achieving our goal.

Make your check out to "InterNACHI FOUNDATION, INC." and mail it to me:
Nick Gromicko
1750  30th Street
Boulder, CO  80301
I will match your donation and forward it to the InterNACHI Foundation.

I have also created a separate webpage listing the names of all the donors who help with this special project.  If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone I will list it accordingly.  The InterNACHI Foundation, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, thus contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

The InterNACHI Foundation will use these funds for a major campaign targeting deaf and hard of hearing Americans. The campaign will focus on education about visual smoke alarms designed to alert the deaf and hard of hearing to the presence of fire, even in sleep and will distribute 1,000 of these alarms, which retail at nearly $200, to low income families at no cost to them.  The education portion of the campaign will feature both a literature and an ad campaign.

“There are 28 million Americans that are deaf or hard of hearing. Fire safety campaigns leave them largely ignored”, said Daniel Frend, program coordinator for the InterNACHI Foundation. “Smoke alarms are the single most important means of preventing fire fatalities in the home. With the help of this grant, the deaf and hard of hearing communities can finally be educated that there is technology available to protect them.”

W. Faron Taylor, Director of Public Relations and Media Affairs for the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal added “Partnering with private industry and organizations, Maryland’s fire service will make great strides in reducing injury and death from fire.  This grant award is a great tool in providing much need protection for one of the most at-risk segments of our population.”

According to InterNACHI Foundation Executive Director Gary Johnson “The InterNACHI Foundation is prepared, with the help of this grant, to begin promoting home safety to those groups who are forgotten about in other campaigns. This grant will allow us to reach tens of thousands in the deaf and hearing impaired community.”

For more information about the InterNACHI Foundation visit:

Please help.

Nick Gromicko

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