InterNACHI prosecuting all who infringe on HI Experience Trademark.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (InterNACHI) and its affiliated organizations own/control intellectual property that includes both common law and statutory copyrights and Trademarks (words, logos, phrases).  
"HI Experience" is a Registered Trademark (Registration # 3019043) on the Principal Registration and is protected under U.S. and international law.  InterNACHI allows its members to use its marks for marketing purposes.
Use of a mark does not make InterNACHI a party to any agreement between members, their clients, or any other party.  Use of any InterNACHI owned/controlled copyright or mark by a non-member without the written permission of InterNACHI is prohibited.  
InterNACHI takes its role as the leader in the home inspection industry seriously and vigorously protects its rights to all of its copyrights and Trademarks.  If you have reason to believe that any person or entity is unlawfully or improperly using a InterNACHI owned/controlled copyright or Trademark or infringing on a InterNACHI owned/controlled copyright or Trademark please notify InterNACHI immediately at