Custom Video Inspection Ads for Home Inspectors

InterNACHI's Video Department produces Custom Video Inspection Ads to help InterNACHI members market their home inspection businesses.
The cost is $99.00 and production time is about 2 business weeks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you already have your free logo designed by InterNACHI’s Marketing Team, a free benefit for members. Or click here to get your logo designed for free.
  2. Place your order through Inspector Outlet here at this link:  Place your order.
  3. Once your order has been placed and we receive your confirmation number from Inspector Outlet, customize your video.
  4. We'll search engine-optimize (SEO) your video by adding certain keywords that will help promote your inspection business in your local market. 
  5. We'll add a transcription for closed-captioning to your video. Because Google owns YouTube, closed-captioning is an important tool for video SEO and YouTube visibility for businesses.
  6. We'll upload your custom video to InterNACHI's YouTube channel for an additional SEO boost.
  7. We'll send you a YouTube link with your video already uploaded. You can then:
    1. Download your custom video as an MP4 video file;
    2. Embed your video on your own inspection business website; 
    3. Add the video to your Facebook business page; 
    4. Add your custom video link to your InterNACHI message board signature for an additional SEO boost; and
    5. Use the YouTube link we give you in any way you want, including business emails.

Questions? Email