Home Inspector's Client/Owner Authorization for Use of Images in Marketing

Your clients – be they homeowners, buyers or sellers – are usually understandably concerned about their privacy. Sharing photos or video of a client, property owner, and/or the inspected property in your marketing (including in your social media feed and on your home inspection business website) without their written permission raises legal concerns.   

To protect yourself, it’s best to obtain the client’s or property owner’s written approval in advance before you use their photos or video in any of your marketing. That's why InterNACHI® has created Photo Authorizations for you to use.

The “Photo Authorization from Client” should be used by your client if they are not the legal owner of the inspected property at the time of your inspection.

The “Photo Authorization from Property Owner” should be signed by the inspected property’s owner.

To cover all your bases, it may be appropriate to use both authorizations – one for the buyer, and one for the seller.

The authorizations cover both photo and video images of the inspected property, as well as those of the client(s) or owner(s) themselves, whether or not you use them.  Each authorization is explicit in excluding the property’s address, as well as any personally identifying information.  Also, using images of minors (children of the client(s) or owner(s)) is expressly prohibited under the terms of these releases.

Download the Word.docx versions to customize them for your business:

Photo Authorization from Client.docx

Photo Authorization from Property Owner.docx

Download the PDF versions that are ready to print and sign:

Photo Authorization from Client.pdf

Photo Authorization from Property Owner.pdf 

Find more InterNACHI® legal documents and releases here.


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