Home Inspector Profiles offers discounts to InterNACHI members.

Marketing your home inspection business to the “modern consumer” can be a challenge nowadays – especially if you aren’t “tech savvy”.  But now, there is an easy way for all InterNACHI members to modernize your marketing and make a big impact to boost your business.  Introducing Home Inspector Profiles.  These guys have figured out a way for you to implement audio-visual marketing into your client acquisition strategy at a very low cost, and they make it so simple to do.  More importantly, their overall marketing strategy puts your business in front of the home-buying and home-selling market in an extremely targeted way through group ad impression buys on Realtor.com.  This is a pretty smart strategy because it is proactive and helps you to reach a “hot” market without depending on search engines. 
All you do is purchase one of two production options:(a) a semi-customized version that is already pre-made but allows you to change up to five frames of the presentation with your own images or images from their image library, or (b) a fully-customized version that allows you to load up to twenty of your own images and text tracts, or once again, you can choose images from their image library.  In both versions, Home Inspector Profiles records voice narration for you and develops your customization graphics, so you hardly do any work.  It’s a real “turn-key” product, and they provide unlimited support.  Similar services cost $800 or more.  These guys have figured out how to offer full-blown audio-visual marketing at low cost ($175 - $250) plus a nominal hosting fee.
Better still, Home Inspector Profiles is offering InterNACHI members a 10% discount on their already low regular prices.
You probably spend more on eating out every month, so I recommend taking a look at what they offer because you aren’t going to find this level of service for this kind of product at these prices anywhere else.  This is a serious business tool wrapped in a serious marketing system that makes sense.  Visit their website at http://homeinspectorprofiles.com/nachi.  And if it is important to you, the guys that run Home Inspector Profiles have been around for a few years and really know their stuff.  Their parent company, CommercialNet, Inc., has produced multimedia software applications for the real estate industry for years, and they have nearly every major brand as clients on the real estate side.  It's also worth noting that their sales director is also a home inspector who understands the challenges we all face when trying to market our services to today’s home-buyers, sellers, and tech-savvy real estate agents.
Take advantage of the InterNACHI discount, and do something good for your business.