$100 discount to all InterNACHI members.


Dear InterNACHI Members,

Home Inspector Pro is now offering a $100 discount to all InterNACHI members. Home Inspector Pro was designed from the start by home inspectors, so you get exactly what you want; an easy to use, fully customizable program that runs on Windows and Mac. For more information, visit Home Inspector Pro - Home Inspection Software or read the program summary below. Email Sales@HomeInspectorPro.com for the $100 coupon code.

Below is a list of some of Home Inspector Pro's features.

· Template System: Everything from the menus down to the materials list can be customized. Inspectors currently use Home Inspector Pro to do everything from a pre-inspection to a 1000 room hotel. Most other companies require you to purchase separate programs to perform corporate and residential programs; here you can do it all with one

· No need for Word, Access or other programs: Many home inspector software requires you to purchase Microsoft Access or Word. This hidden cost can increase the cost of other programs by up to $200! Not here. Everything you need is contained within our program.

· Quickly Update Tables: Tables containing materials or types of problems can be quickly edited on the fly on the job site, or before hand. Either way, your work can be saved and used later within your template.

· Upload Inspection Reports: Once you have finished a report you can upload it to the Internet from within the program as well as have an email sent to the real estate agent and the home buyer/seller that has a link the the report for them to view.

1. Impress Clients and Real Estate Agents: Clients receive a link to their report and when an agent logs into the website they are able to see all reports that have been uploaded for them, who performed the inspection, the date, and more.

· Easy to read inspection reports: Your reports will get right to the point, listing exactly what's wrong in an easy to read format. See a sample report for an example.

· Table of Contents: Home Inspector Pro produces a unique table of contents merged with its summary page. This allows real estate agents and clients to quickly find the page they are looking for as well as produces a professional looking report.

· Add Unlimited Photographs: You can add as many photographs to the report as you'd like. It's easy to include a few photos for a condo, or a hundred photos for a large hotel.

· Add Unlimited Documents: Want to include the InterNACHI Standards or another document within your report? Just add it to the documents section.

· Address Book: Maintain data on all the real estate agents and other contacts you'd like to store. The real estate agent for the inspection is easily chosen from a drop down box containing your contacts.

· Help Documents & Animated Tutorials: You can view step by step instructions on performing most tasks by clicking on the Help button. Flash animated tutorials are also available on the website.

· Contract Page: Create your contract and print it out on the job site, or email it to your clients before hand. Client information is automatically merged into the contract to make your job easier and your contract more professional. A spell check is also included!

· Earthquake Page: Some states in earthquake areas require a form to be filled out. This special page has been integrated into the program and your report. If you don't need it, it won't print out and can even be removed from the program.

· Runs on Mac & Windows. Client inspections and templates can easily be shared between both operating systems.

Try out the free, fully functional demo at a http://www.homeinspectorpro.com . If you have any questions please try the Live Help chat button on our website or email support@HomeInspectorPro.com.