InterNACHI, MoveInCertified, IAC2, HomeInspectorUSA booth.

Hello Nick and Lisa, 

Here are pictures from the 2009 Health Expo in Panama City Beach, Florida.  

The show was a total success. Thanks to you and your staff we were able to put together an outstanding show, showcasing InterNACHI and HOMEINSPECTORUSA.

We had many compliments from other businesses. Also, I was able to book several Mold inspections & Testing. I suggest that IAC2 banners be made available for future shows like this one. We are also considering participating in the next Home & Garden show coming up in March. I will let you know the 1st of next week if we can make it or not. If not I will be mailing out the banners to Lisa. 

Thanks again, 

John M. Acaron
Owner & President
BS Mechanical Engineer
TD Mechanical Engineer
CHI # 0407175
Office: 850-814-3889