Home Reporters Offers InterNACHI Package

Home Reporters has put together a great package for new and veteran inspectors alike. It's called the InterNACHI Package and is only available to InterNACHI members.  Click on InterNACHI PACKAGE  to go to the page especially for InterNACHI members for details and ordering of this valuable but affordable inspector start up package or call (800) 328-6775.
The InterNACHI Package includes:
  • Two complete 10 page, 3-part NCR home inspection reporting forms.
  • 100 Ways to market a home inspection business, 52 pages.
  • Samples of brochures to give to buyers, realtors, and sellers.
  • Forms to assist in scheduling appointments.
  • The 100-article series: How to perform inspections, organizing and operating a home inspection business, marketing, necessary tools, roof inspections, inspecting the attic, fire retardant treated plywood, let’s talk about ventilation, know "The lay of the Land" grading and drainage, rain screening, log homes, foundation inspections, inspecting slabs and basements, new floor joists, inspecting new houses, what is expansive soil and why do soils shrink and swell?, spotting and reporting on soils problems and conditions, simple but effective tips on soils, inspecting the plumbing system, inspecting water heaters, determining water heater age, electrical inspections, judging ampacity, Q&A to amprobe questions, examining heating systems, checking heat pumps, the effects of spillage and back-drafting, checking air conditioners, insulation friend or foe?, checklist for inspecting windows, checking those critical wet spots, the invisible killer, suggested inspection tools, using a moisture meter, preparing for trade shows, running a home inspection business, and much more. 300 pages.
Home Reporters has also put together the InterNACHI Pro-Sample Set.  It is only available to InterNACHI members.  InterNACHI Pro-Sample Set, which includes one home inspection checklist and The Home Reporter Inspection Manual, is especially priced for InterNACHI members   Just click  InterNACHI PACKAGE to go to the page especially for InterNACHI members or call 800-328-6775.