InterNACHI members now enjoy protection under infrared patent license.

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InterNACHI Purchases HomeSafe Inspection Infrared Patent License for Membership


All Existing and New Members Are Covered Under Association License

BOULDER, Colo. (Oct. 3, 2013)–-InterNACHI, the largest home inspection association in the United States, has recently reached an agreement with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc., to provide a group patent license exclusively for its entire membership.  The license will go into effect immediately.

“After a thorough review of the HomeSafe patents by our legal team, we came to the conclusion that the HomeSafe patents are, in fact, valid,” said Nick Gromicko, president of InterNACHI.  “We can find no evidence of prior art that has not been reviewed by the patent office, and all six patents are approved and in good standing with the USPTO.  Therefore, we reached out in good faith to HomeSafe and negotiated on behalf of our membership and found that HomeSafe was more than willing to develop a reasonable license package that would protect InterNACHI members.  We are pleased that we have structured an agreement that will immediately protect our members.”

According to Kevin J. Seddon, president of HomeSafe Inspection, Inc., the agreement will grant every InterNACHI member, as well as anyone who joins InterNACHI, the right to utilize HomeSafe’s patented procedures during the course of a building inspection.

“As long as the individual inspector joins and remains a member of InterNACHI, he or she will be protected under the license from prior infringement of the patents, as well as from future use of the patented procedures,” said Seddon.  “We have always maintained that we developed our patents, our training, and our certification internally many years ago, and our intent was and is for every inspector to use our procedures appropriately and responsibly.  We believe that teaming with InterNACHI and offering this license to its members will mainstream the use of infrared technology in our industry,” Seddon continued.  “InterNACHI has proven its business acumen by recognizing our patents and reaching out to protect its members.  And InterNACHI’s dedication to providing quality educational opportunities and communication forums for its membership further indicates that informing its members about proper inspection procedures and usage of all technology is a top priority.”

InterNACHI members who use infrared technology may continue to use that technology and are not required to fill out any documentation.  However, it is encouraged that inspectors pursue the proper training and utilize the appropriate infrared technology while performing inspections.

New InterNACHI members wishing to be included under the license are asked only to fill out their InterNACHI membership application and inform InterNACHI that they are currently using or plan to use infrared technology during the course of their building inspections.  There are no other requirements.

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