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Over 700 inspection-related images for use in inspection brochures, flyers, ads and websites!
No more cartoons.  InterNACHI's inspection-related images provide a professional, consistent look.  The line art works with any inspector (female images coming soon).  They are abstract enough to not overpower accompanying text.  These images are available in both color or black & white.
Messy brochure
Consistent brochure
InterNACHI Images' entire 700+ collection is royalty-free to InterNACHI members only.  Non-members may not use the collection at all.  Members may use the entire collection and the images within as they want, as many times as they want, as many as they want, and as many ways as they want in their own inspection businesses.
A couple of caveats: 

Our members may not use the images in any way that essentially puts you into the same business InterNACHI is in: the business of providing inspectors with images.  The idea is that we want our members to use our images to help PROMOTE their inspection businesses, not to sell inspection images.  This can get tricky, so if you have questions please contact us at fast-reply@internachi.org


These terms and conditions of use constitute a legal agreement between you and InterNACHI.  Your use of this InterNACHI Images constitutes your acceptance of these terms.  If you do not agree with these terms you should leave immediately and not use the images.  If you are a non-member you may not use the InterNACHI Images.  InterNACHI Images is owned, hosted and operated by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors "InterNACHI."   Any images taken from InterNACHI Images is for use by InterNACHI members only.  Redistribute is prohibited.  Non-InterNACHI members may not use the InterNACHI Images at all.  InterNACHI Images contains copyrighted animations, photographs, illustrations and images which is owned by InterNACHI.  It is illegal to duplicate, download or distribute any images from this site except for member's own use.  Non-InterNACHI members may not use the InterNACHI Images at all.
All images in InterNACHI Images © 2005 International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  All rights reserved.  
If you have a PIC you would like us to turn into various line drawings, optimize for website use, add to the collection and include in the hi-res CD, just email it to fast-reply@internachi.org and we will take care of it.  You can even include a PIC of yourself in action! 
Color or Black & White
Many thanks to InterNACHI members Bryant Wetzel (photographer) and Phillip Gage (model) for many of these images.
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