Infrared Certified® Class at the InterNACHI School in Boulder, Colorado


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The cost will be $388. When enough students pre-register for the class, we'll contact you for your payment information. Feel free to email John McKenna at or (936) 222-2577 for class details.
To Become Infrared-Certified®:
The class held at InterNACHI includes:
  • printed marketing materials for your business; and 
  • a set of home maintenance books to give to your clients.
During class breaks, you can:
  • check out the House of Horrors,an entire house with thousands of defects, being built under our own roof at InterNACHI Headquarters;
  • test-drive over $20,000 worth of tools provided by our e-commerce partner, Inspector Outlet, including:
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Email John McKenna at 
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Phone number: 936-222-2577


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