"Inspecting the World" Trademarked tagline is Registered on the Principal Register

Inspecting the World® is a registered Trademark on the Principal Register.  The original Trademark application for this mark was first filed in 2007.  InterNACHI taglines and logos are available for use by all InterNACHI members. 
Differences Between Trademark Registration on the Supplemental Register and the Principal Register:
  • While a Principal Registration is prima facie evidence of the registrant’s exclusive right to use of the mark, a Supplemental Registration has no such evidentiary effect.
  • While a Principal Registration is constructive notice of claim of ownership so as to eliminate a defense of good faith, a Supplemental Registration has no such effect.
  • While a Principal Registration may become incontestable after five years of registration, a Supplemental Registration can never achieve that evidentiary status.
  • While a Principal Registration can be used as a basis for the Department of the Treasury to stop importations of infringing products into the United States, a Supplemental Registration cannot.
  • While a Principal Registration receives protection as a valid trademark in litigation, a Supplemental Registration will not, prima facie, receive protection as a valid trademark because its very presence on the Supplemental Register indicates a preliminary determination that the mark is not distinctive of the applicant’s goods.
Taglines and logos for InterNACHI member use