Glossary of Home Inspection Terms

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Terms Beginning with “Z”

  • Z-bar flashing: Bent, galvanized metal flashing that is installed above a horizontal trim board of an exterior window, door, or brick run that prevents water from getting behind the trim/brick and into the home.
  • zone: The section of a building that is served by one heating or cooling loop because it has noticeably distinct heating or cooling needs. Also, the section of property that is watered by a lawn sprinkler system.
  • zone valve: A device placed near the heater or cooler that controls the flow of water or steam to parts of a building and controlled by a zone thermostat.
  • zoning: A governmental process and specification that limits the use of a property, such as for single-family use, high-rise residential use, commercial use, industrial use, etc. Zoning laws typically limit where a particular structure can be built and are related to the locality's building codes.