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InterNACHI Launches In-House Insurance Company for Inspectors

BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 1, 2020) – InterNACHI® and Elite MGA have formed a new captive insurance company just for home inspectors.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI® – and Elite MGA are excited to announce the formation of Elite Re, Ltd. (Elite Re), a new insurance company to provide E&O and general liability insurance for home inspectors, including the exclusive InterNACHI® Elite Risk Insurance program available to InterNACHI® members.

InterNACHI® – the world’s largest home inspector association – and Elite MGA – an industry leader in home inspector insurance – now have exclusive control over underwriting, pricing, coverage, claims management, and all other aspects of providing errors and omissions and general liability insurance to professional home inspectors. Unlike other insurance providers in the home inspection industry, Elite Re is not bound by the whims of a traditional insurance carrier. Pricing and coverage decisions are made in-house, by people you already know and trust.

InterNACHI® members enrolled in the InterNACHI® Elite Risk Insurance program already enjoy:

  • better rates, with a program tailored specifically for the home inspection profession;
  • free negligent referral coverage for the real estate agents that recommend you;
  • better coverage, with endorsements to cover you for a wide variety of ancillary services;
  • zero deductible;
  • a free five-year tail (extended reported period) coverage, once eligible; and 
  • exclusive benefits, including integrated claims assistance, customized pre-inspection agreements, and other risk management services.

The InterNACHI®-Elite Risk Insurance program was created to provide the very best insurance program for home inspectors. To date, the program has achieved this goal by providing unparalleled risk management, coverage, and pricing.  In the effort to realize even better results and push the boundaries of excellence for home inspector insurance programs, total control (underwriting and claims) needs to be achieved by the people who know the inspection business.  In fact, it was this realization that drove InterNACHI ® and Elite MGA to take a great program to the next level.

“It’s always difficult to improve on an already great product like the InterNACHI®-Elite Risk Insurance program. I simply got tired of taking calls and responding to emails from InterNACHI® members about claims being denied by insurance companies, and about how the insurers and attorneys they hired to represent our members mishandled the claims,” says InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko. “After hearing those stories too many times, I knew the only way to fix it was to form our own insurance company. Now that we’ve partnered with Elite MGA to create this unique company dedicated to providing insurance to our members, we have the control needed to be certain that our members have access to the very best insurance program available, tailored to the needs of inspectors by the people who know them best. No other insurance provider currently out there can match the amount of control we have over pricing, coverage, or claims management. We wanted to be able to control everything, from what prices are charged to what claims are covered, including how the claims are handled. We took those decisions back from insurance companies, which are too often concerned with making money over taking care of our members.”

In order to provide the best in claims management, Joseph Denneler, Esq., the preeminent home inspection litigation attorney in the United States, has joined the team at Elite Re, leaving behind a law practice that, in over two decades, became entirely dedicated to representing home inspectors for claims and litigation matters. Joe’s services are now exclusive to Elite Re. He'll use his experience to analyze and manage claims, including vetting and managing the local attorneys hired to represent InterNACHI® members. 

“Our goal is to work with our insureds to manage existing claims and prevent future ones,” says Denneler. “Representing home inspectors is not a routine experience for the average attorney hired by an insurance company to represent an inspector. I’ve heard from many inspectors who had to teach their assigned counsel what a home inspection is and what it's not, and how to best present the inspector’s case. This can lead to excessive defense costs that end up costing the inspector when it's time to renew their E&O policy or switch carriers. I’ve developed unique strategies for dealing with any claim against an inspector, and I can now provide those to the attorneys we hire to represent InterNACHI® members so that those attorneys can efficiently and effectively manage claims against our insureds. Additionally, we have full authority to decide issues involving coverage and how claims are managed. The decisions on these critical issues start and end with us.”

Elite Re, Ltd., began issuing polices on Jan. 2, 2020. InterNACHI® members can visit www.nachi.org/insurance for more details on the exclusive InterNACHI®-Elite Risk Insurance program available only to InterNACHI® members. For more information on this exciting program, contact National Program Director Ben Garrison at 302-690-9839 or bgarrison@elitemga.com.

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