InterNACHI's Employee Handbook Template for Multi-Inspector Firms

Inspection companies with employees and owners of multi-inspector firms should delineate their employees' rights, responsibilities, and terms of employment.  They should also protect themselves from liability, and ensure that they're in compliance with state and federal employment laws and hiring practices.  But most of these companies are too small to have a designated human resources (HR) manager or department to tackle these important tasks.  That's why InterNACHI® developed the Employee Handbook Template.
It includes provisions for:  defining the terms of employment; wages and salary; holidays and paid time off; workplace accommodations; confidentiality rules; electronic communications; handling employee complaints; guidelines for protecting intellectual property and copyrights; and more. 
Download the Word.docx version below and customize it for your own business.  Delete and add to it as necessary.  And, as always, InterNACHI® recommends that you have it reviewed by your own trusted legal advisor to make sure you have all your bases covered.
                        InterNACHI® Employee Handbook Template for Member Use 
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