Exclusive Discount for InterNACHI® Members from IQ6000 Report Software

Pay Only Per Report!

Download and use the complete IQ600.com software, modify templates, and print proof PDFs. There are no costs for the software or upgrade, no there are no monthly or annual fees – we only charge you per PDF report. 

Our software is designed to work on current and older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, so you don’t have to worry if your computer is up to the task. Easily modify text and insert and modify photos.  Choose from different methods to deliver your report. You can create and save a PDF, send an email containing the report, or send the report straight to a printer.

When you create a PDF, the PDF and original report software are saved to a database, which you can access by a click of a button within the program.  IQ6000 contains an internal database for you to reference items you have input in the past, saving you time creating future reports. You can look up past inspections, including realtors and attorneys you have dealt with, along with many other options.

InterNACHI® members receive one report free with every order.  Just email FreeReport@IQ6000.com after placing your order, and we’ll add a free report to your account! 

Still have questions?  Email FreeReport@IQ6000.com for more information.