Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket

For the inspector who has everything
My Dear InterNACHI members:  I am pleased to announce that for the first time anywhere in the world (Planet InterNACHI), you can custom order a jacket specifically engineered for you, the inspection professional.  Introducing... the Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket.  Look great and feel great!  From inspection-related features to Planet InterNACHI styling, I've left no detail to chance.  Nick Gromicko
This is the highest quality jacket available anywhere in the world (or should I say "Planet InterNACHI").  It is a medium weight jacket yet it is waterproof and breathes.  All fabrics, zippers, snaps and threads are heavy duty. The contoured sleeves and soft lining makes it very comfortable to wear and work in.  Here are some of the features:
  • Small InterNACHI Logo on the chest (see pic above).
  • All seams are fully taped.  This means all stitch holes are covered with waterproof taping on the inside of the garment during construction, to keep you nice and dry even when it is raining on an inspection.
  • Clear internal pocket - “flip-up” style, from the bottom hem. This is where you can put your InterNACHI picture I.D. card.
  • Removable heavy weather hood for doing inspections in the rain or snow.  The hood adjusts for optimized fit with just one drawcord leaving your other hand free.  The hood can be easily removed and stored in back pocket when doing inspections in better weather.
  • Safety glass wipe on a cord in one of the top pockets to keep your eyewear clear (important for inspectors).
  • Small pocket on left arm for holding a digital camera.
  • Huge back pocket (see zipper on right of lower pic above) for holding a checklist or clipboard, leaving both hands free to climb a ladder safely.
  • Handwarmer pockets on both left and right if needed on a cold day, big enough to carry a flashlight.
  • Drawcord hem at bottom to cinch up if needed on a windy day.
  • Good sized chest pockets one on each side of the outside front of the jacket.  Big enough to carry a moisture meter.
  • At top of pocket, there is an antenna exit for inspection teams that use radios.  Can also be used by inspectors who take audio notes using an external microphone.  
  • Internal zippered waterproof pocket for cell phone.
  • Body ventilation zippers on the side/front of the jacket. When unzipped, they allow you to vent your body if you get too hot.  The traditional underarm ventilation zippers you find on other jackets only really work when you have your arms in the air.
  • Brushed micro fiber inner collar zipper flap.  This is a soft material that keep your chin from getting rubbed the wrong way.
  • Key holder/clip in right pocket so you don't lose your car keys on an inspection.
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs with gusset expand to be worn over or under work gloves.
  • Cordura overlay panels at both shouders for carrying inspection tool bags comfortably.
The Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket is being specially manufactured for InterNACHI members by Spyder Active Sports, Inc.using the same or higher quality fabrics and parts they use to make jackets for the U.S. Ski Team, the Canada Alpine Ski Team, the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team, and the Austria Ski Team.  This company makes jackets for professional athletes, so you will be plenty comfortable and mobile to perform inspections in them.   The Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket was designed by Nick Gromicko specifically for inspection professionals to work and look great in.  They are not in-stock or available anywhere.  Each one is being custom made to order.  Our next run is May 18, 2007, so all orders have to be in by then.  You won't get delivery until Fall of 2007.  Comes with free shipping and a full money-back guarantee if you don't like it or need a different size.
The Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket comes in InterNACHI blue with a small white InterNACHI logo (see pic above) and is available to order in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  Here is the sizing chart:
Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
in/lbs     cmkg
32    81
34   86
38   96
40   101
43   109
46   117
49   124
24   61
26   66
30   76
32   81
35   88
38   96
41   104
n/a   n/a
n/a   n/a
37   93
39   99
42   106
45   114
48   121
100   45
120   54
140   64
160   73
180   82
200   91
220   100
5'4"   163
5'6"   168

5'8"   173

5'10"   178
6'   183
6'2"   188
6'3"   191
29   74
30   76
30   77
31   78
31   78
32   81
33   83
The price of the Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket is $275 and comes with free shipping and money back guarantee.  If you don't like it or it doesn't fit, just return it (before wearing it on an inspection of course) and we'll refund your money or send you a different size (whatever you wish).
You can order by mail by sending $275 made payable to "InterNACHI" to: InterNACHI, 1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.  Don't forget to include a note with your name, shipping address and desired size.  Get your order in before the run date though.
You can order online (preferred method) here:  Shipping is free.
When it comes to jackets, some are good, some are better, and some are Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jackets!  Planet InterNACHI... resistance is futile.
"I admit that I don't know what a home inspector is, but if I was one, I'd wear a Planet InterNACHI Inspector's Jacket for sure.  My last name isn't Motel 6, ya know." - Paris Hilton in a 2007 interview with NACHI TV.