Court rules in favor of InterNACHI forcing PHIC to reveal identities of conspirators.

In response to InterNACHI's third lawsuit ( filed against the PHIC (Pennsylvania Home Inspectors' Coalition, Inc.) and its founder, ASHI member Joe Kelly (personally), the defendants filed a very lengthy objection in an attempt to keep InterNACHI from learning the identities of all inspectors who participated in any way in PHIC's conspiracy to harm InterNACHI and its member's inspection businesses.  InterNACHI also seeks to have PHIC's non-profit status revoked.

On October 8, 2008 the Judge ruled in favor of InterNACHI and against Mr. Kelly and PHIC overruling their objections.  See court ruling below.
This ruling forces Mr. Kelly and PHIC to reveal the identities of all the conspirators and the identities of all the people who attended any PHIC meetings.
InterNACHI seeks this information as InterNACHI will be suing each member of PHIC personally and also suing their wives, if their wives had anything to do with their inspection businesses (even answering the phone).  InterNACHI also wants to determine if any national associations or their chapters participated financially or otherwise in harming InterNACHI. 
A NAHI chapter and several NAHI inspectors have already been sued (, settled with InterNACHI (, and have paid InterNACHI. 
Others have been caught telling licensed real estate agents and members of the general public that InterNACHI is an "illegal association" and/or "InterNACHI and/or its members are not compliant with PA law."  And four others have been caught claiming that they know of a dog who can fulfill InterNACHI's membership requirements ( but as of yet been unable to produce this amazing dog.
Conspiring to harm InterNACHI or its members is not only a civil matter but a violation of the RICO Act (a criminal offense) and punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.  Anyone with information that might help us or anyone seeking to pre-settle with us should contact InterNACHI at
InterNACHI is very pleased with the court's ruling and is determined to put all who harm InterNACHI's good name, behind bars.